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PhilPaso neurophysiologisch kontrollierte Bewegung

Neurophysiological Controlled Motion

The PhilPaso training device was been developed based on the patent No. 196030315 of Dr. Klaus Berndsen and Sabine Berndsen. The patent describes an articulated pedal system for training of the movement during walking and running and the roll of the foot.

PhilPaso Training extends the motion control of the lower extremities by the so coordinated interactive upper body movement: hip, shoulder girdle, arms, hands, head. By means of high repetition frequencies combined with guided and coordinated movements habitual movement patterns can be trained ideally.

10 outstanding characteristics of the PhilPaso training

  1. Guided Exercise promotes the development of of correct, brain coordinated and automated whole body movements (neurophysiological patterns of movement)
  2. Soft movements without jerky pressure impact on the joints
  3. Angle adjustment for the load on the hips available until overcorrection
  4. Guiding the foot rolling movement
  5. Training of cross movement: legs – arms / shoulder girdle – hip
  6. Adjustment of leg length, of the lift of the leg (knee height of the free leg), the stride length, the arm extension and the arm angle, variable joint-gentle elliptical motion setting
  7. Variable training while sitting or standing
  8. Swivel seat as boarding aid and seatbelt protection
  9. Driven by own power or motor contro
  10. Stable adaptable device for professional use: One device for all sizes
PhilPaso natürliche Abrollbewegung
PhilPaso einfache Fixierung mit Klettbändern
PhilPaso Anpassung der Beinlänge

PhilPaso - Neurophysiological foundations

Dr. Berndsen / Berndsen define some important brain-coordinated body-functional principles (neurophysiological bases) for their training methods:

  1. The brain does not recognize individual muscles, but controls learned complex patterns of movement. The patterns can only be acquired or re-acquired if the training (the therapy) takes into account the interactive complexity of the movement sequences: movement coordination "from the head to the toes".
  2. Isolated exercise of partial movements disrupts the development of neurophysiological patterns of movement and leads to secondary lesions (lesions).
  3. Movements must be activated in such a way that they reach as far as possible to the correct motion pattern. Incorrect movements and incorrect loads are to be prevented (Controlled Movement).
  4. The development of neurophysiological movement patterns is determined by the complexity and precision of the execution. They need high repetition frequencies of identical and guided exercises. This is not possible manually. These complex implementations can only be carried out with specially developed training devices: PhilPaso.
  5. Disabilities, injuries, disturbances, etc. require compensation of function and movement. These compensations have to be resolved as soon as possible, adapted to the regeneration process.
  6. In neurophysiological therapy this is absolutely necessary. It is continually being re-adjusted and is geared to developments that have already been achieved. The therapy with PhilPaso enables the demands and constant adaptation processes.

PhilPaso - The path of Philipp

What's PhilPaso?

The PhilPaso training device was developed on the basis of Patent No. 196030315, patent owner Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen. The patent includes an inverted pedal system for training the coordinated walking, running, and foot-rolling motion.

PhilPaso training paves the coordinated movements of the lower and upper extremities - feet, legs, hips, shoulder girdles, arms, hands, head. High repetition frequencies and guided as closely as possible oriented normal movements, complex neurophysiological patterns of movement should be learned and automated.

PhilPaso - How the name arose

The name PhilPaso is a word-creation and means the path (el paso) of Philip. Philipp is the son of Klaus and Sabine Berndsen. He was born with a cerebral palsy in 1991 and could never learn to walk, according to the "expert opinions". For several years, the boy has consistently and unsuccessfully participated in numerous treatments in Germany and other countries of the world.
In order not to submit to the idea of hopelessness and frustration, his parents began developing special training equipment to acquire complex running movements and patented their mechanisms. After intensive equipment training Philipp was able to take his first independent steps at the age of 9 years. He had now learned to walk.

On the basis of their experience and the patented devices an optimal training device for the development of the complex running movement pattern was developed. Dr. K.Berndsen a. S. Berndsen called it PhilPaso, because the device enabled their son Philipp the way to walk. Numerous other patients have benefited from this method in the meantime. Due to the very high development costs, it was only now possible to develop a stable and considerably improved device for professional use.

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