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PRAXAGO orthopädisches Kissen

PRAXAGO - The seat cushion that moves you!

Healthy sitting and punctually pressure relief (against decubitus)

Research proves that a flat, long-lasting pressure adversely affects the structures of the human body tissue. Back pain and other diffuse disturbances may result. This type of burden is especially felt after a long sitting. But this has become a daily necessity and habit for many people.

PRAXAGO promotes healthy sitting. The continuous displacement of the centre of gravity and position also allows longer sitting without painful pressure on the buttocks and without feeling the heaviness and tension in the legs. PRAXAGO counteracts one-sided pressure loads and influences body balance.

Impulse through spring energy

Muscles and tissues receive impulses through natural, motion-guided spring energy and experience sensory and motor stimulation as well as pressure relief.

Suitable for any chair or seat

The seat cushion can be placed on chairs of domestic use, office chairs, wheelchairs, etc.

  1. Activates the mobility
  2. Reduces pressurE
  3. Promotes natural, upright sitting
  4. Prevents postpartum-related back pain
  5. Ensures a healthy seating climate
  6. Relaxed and soothing sitting permanently
  7. For at home, on the road, work and rehabilitation

Praxago promotes healthy sitting

PRAXAGO supports the physiological freedom of movement of the spine, pelvis and hip region positively. Bending and stretching movements as well as rotational movements of the bone, muscle and disc apparatus are already activated by slightest body and head movements.

Development and testing

The functional concept of the orthopaedic PRAXAGO pillow was developed by Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Berndsen at the ISST-UNNA - International Centre for Rehabilitation and Sleep Research. Top engineering and practical tests prove the best seating economy and high quality standards. At the same time, the IGR - testing certificate of the association of instructors of back care confirms the high orthopaedic and ergonomic quality of the PRAXAGO seat cushion. The pillow received the German industry prize in the field of rehabilitation.

Ventilation and hygiene

PRAXAGO cushions provide optimal under-ventilation through a special climate fabric. The continuous air circulation between the inner spring elements in the cushion quickly dissipates moisture and excess heat. This active climate control between seat and buttocks of the occupant reduces unpleasant moisture formation and promotes a healthy seating climate.

The breathable 3D AirMesh cover is 100% polyester detachable (zipper) and machine washable up to 60 °. For cleaning the plastic spring elements and the high-quality PUR cold foam, we recommend hand washing..

PRAXAGO as a wheelchair cushion

The orthopaedic wheelchair cushion PRAXAGO has a resilient-dynamic system consisting of spring elements, which causes a change in the seat load in the wheelchair.

PRAXAGO offers optimal seating positions, highest comfort and important support for improving physical performance. The person who is sitting can achieve considerably simplified upper body mobility.

Wheelchair cushion with individual hardness adjustment

The orthopaedic wheelchair pad PRAXAGO offers the unique possibility of individualization. Additional super-soft spring elements can be exchanged according to your personal needs and can be easy fastened with Velcro. It again increases the personal comfort and pressure relief against and during decubitus. The elastic-dynamic system of spring elements is coordinated in function and mode of to activate the action of the spinal disc system. All PRAXAGO wheelchair cushions react to the smallest varying pressure loads. The body balance is continuously stimulated.


Individual product variants

PRAXAGO pillows are available in six different sizes and three degrees of hardness, adapted to the body weight. Four exchangeable spring elements (super-soft) are included for individualization.

PRAXAGO - A prize-winning product

PRAXAGO was awarded as the only product in the category "Medicine and Health". The use of integrated spring elements to increase the ergonomic and dynamic seating comfort was particularly emphasized by the jury. The competition is annually advertised by the pro-K, industry Association semi-finished products and plastic consoles, for innovative products that are made entirely or mainly of plastic.

Praxago will convince you

The Praxago pillow has a newly developed technique that relieves the sitting by constantly changing movements. Thanks to the reactive seating technique, comfort and adaptation, sitting is also used for movement. Also the price and quality of the Praxago pillow will convince you!

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