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Cranio-mandibular dysfunction - CMD (cranium = skull, mandible = lower jaw, dysfunction = functional disorder) is used as a generic term for complaints in the masticatory system. However, the main symptoms are pain or movement disorders in the temporomandibular joint (arthropathies) or the masticatory muscles (myofascial pain), restricted mouth opening, an alleged false bite (occlusiopathy) etc. But also head, neck and back pain, ultimately pain from top to bottom, also tinnitus, dizziness and difficulty swallowing are often assigned to the cause complex of CMD.
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In the article "Billions of rip-offs with braces and nobody knows what they really bring" from 25.04.2018, the Bild newspaper expresses a shocking suspicion. Instead of providing a permanently beautiful smile, braces apparently only fill the purses of orthodontists. Read what Dr. Berndsen has to say about this.

Main causes of neck pain and back pain

As with most pain phenomena in the human body, numerous causes can also be assumed for pain in the region of head, shoulder, neck and back. However, with a frequency of about 99 per cent, muscle pain, which is the result of static deficiencies and a lack of stress, is the cause of the pain. Wear is the result of these constantly recurring influences. Add to this...
Everyone has already had the experience that fast rotary movements, e.g. on the carousel the stay at high altitude or excessive alcohol consumption can influence the balance organ and can trigger spontaneously vertigo. However, the reactions thus triggered are perceived very differently. What is fun to the one because it tolerates the irritation well, it is...
Does respiratory protection protect against myocardial infarction? On 31.07.2017 appeared on aerztezeitung.de a contribution, which deals with this question. Various studies have attempted to investigate more closely the impact on the risk of heart attacks when using CPAP devices and to determine the extent to which the protection of the vessels is achieved. This contribution was Klaus and Sabine Berndsen, in a commentary on the article, that a symtomic treatment can not have a positive health effect...
FaceFormer users also experience cosmetic effects that affect facial and facial skin tension, chin and neck region (double chin), facial symmetry, lip tension, mouth closure, improved head and body posture, optimized breathing.
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We have developed FaceFormer Therapy for you as a neurophysiological and cause-oriented treatment method. Their goal is to change respiratory patterns, to train the breathing muscles, to make nocturnal mouth closure, to stop mouth breathing and to achieve a sufficient tension of muscles and mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat. All in all, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are to be eliminated.
The FaceFormer therapy activates muscles, functions, brain nerve activities of the head, face, mouth, throat region. These functional areas and their mechanisms are coordinated, have a wide impact and support each other. Disorders of a function can cause adverse effects in other segments of the body. FaceFormer therapy therefore finds a broad field of application. Various scientific studies have shown the efficacy of the therapy for various ...
In a statement, Dr. med Thomas Huth shares his experiences and findings with regard to the positive influence of FaceFormer therapy on the diabetic metabolic status of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
We have very many patients who we treat with the FaceFormer method. Some of them also suffer from diabetes. Diabetic patients who have used the FaceFormer therapy for completely different reasons have informed us that during the treatment their blood glucose level has been reduced within a few days. We should make a statement.
The Faceformer therapy is based on a cause-oriented, functional training program. Such treatments are established. They have proven themselves over decades for the optimization of support and movement functions, for pain and for the conversion of defective movements and malfunctions in medicine. This is why the faceformer therapy is used successfully ...
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