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OSP - Oral stimulation plate

OSP - Oral stimulation plate

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Individual stimulants, which are integrated into a soft plate system, form the oral... more

Individual stimulants, which are integrated into a soft plate system, form the oral stimulation plates are stimulated by these are guided by intraoral stimulation, such as activation of tongue, lips, velum and swallowing functions. Thus, desired movement patterns of swallowing, physiological holding position of the tongue, mouth closure and nasal breathing, are indicated, corrected and automated. The necessary quality standards of the novel neurophysiological OSP therapy were established in close collaboration with dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, speech therapists, dental technicians and clinics. OSP manufacturers are trained and certified.

Scope of delivery:

  • Individually adapted oral stimulation plate (OSP) according to Berndsen/Berndsen

The OSP is manufactured according to uniform quality specifications exclusively in OSP-certified laboratories.
The application of an individual upper-jaw plaster model is mandatory! Please refer to our instructions for the order process.
Order process for OSP:

  • Diagnosis (profile bow for oral stimulation plates - POSP) and imprinting of the upper jaw
  • Submission of the material for the preparation of a production planning to Dr. Berndsen GmbH - Medical Technology, Unna
  • Preparation of the laboratory assignment by Dr. Berndsen GmbH
  • Production of the OSP by a certified laboratory
  • Control by function specialists of Dr. Berndsen GmbH
  • Dispatch of the OSP to the practitioner
  • Insertion, control of the patient's passport and patient instruction
  • Follow-up control and accompanying therapy by the practitioner

Indication for OSP:

  • Disturbed eating / drinking behavior
  • Conversion from probe nutrition to physiological nutrition
  • Switch from oral to nasal breathing
  • Lip, jaw and palate gaps
  • Tongue functions
  • Facial paralysis, e.g. after stroke
  • Missing mouth
  • Strong salivation (hypersalivation)
  • Macroglossia
  • Procurement of correct swallowing pattern
  • Preventive orthodontics
  • After tongue surgies and tongue paralysis
  • Syndroms e.g. Down's syndrome, jaw joint problems
  • Pain in the face, in the shoulder and neck region

Here you can find further information about the oral stimulation plates and the therapy.

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