Become a FaceFormer Expert

Are you a doctor, therapist or coach?
Then expand your treatment repertoire with an indispensable causal therapy and training method based on completely new principles of neuroscience . Expand your knowledge of the importance of the basic functions of swallowing, breathing and body statics for a healthy body. Learn about an interdisciplinary, professional diagnostic approach . But above all, how you can correct these basic functions in practice in your patients and clients with the proven and rapidly spreading FaceFormer therapy .

Become a FaceFormer expert - training to become a FaceFormer therapist

Contents of the seminar

Day 1, 09.00 h to 17.00 h

  • Cranio-Cervicales Function Model
    • External system – head posture, head stabilization
    • Inland system
      • Oro-vestibular interaction segment
      • Oro-pharyngeal interaction segment
  • Naso-pharyngeal interaction segment
  • Oro-hyoid interaction segment
  • Neuroscientific basis of FaceFormer therapy
  • Basic diagnostics for FaceFormer therapy
  • Practical exercises for FaceFormer therapy – basic exercises

Day 2, 09.00 to 15.00 h

  • Explanations of selected symptoms in terms of causes and effects
  • FaceFormer Therapy Training App
  • Advanced therapy training program
  • Selected disorders
  • Patient presentation
  • Position of FaceFormer Therapy

From 14.30 h Practical colloquium to acquire a certificate


Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Berndsen, Patholinguist

Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Berndsen studied patholinguistics and rehabilitation at the universities of Cologne, Bonn and Dortmund in 1979. He then worked in rehabilitation facilities for disabled people. After studying rehabilitation medicine in Florida, he began teaching and researching at the University of Dortmund, Department of Speech Rehabilitation, where he earned his doctorate in 1989. During this time he also conducted studies and practical work in rehabilitation centers in the USA and South America (MFT training, Castillo Morales therapy, rehabilitation therapy).
Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Berndsen has been the director of the Center for Rehabilitation and the ISST-Unna training center since 1989. He is also a lecturer at the University of Frankfurt, Department of Orthodontics.

Sabine Berndsen, qualified speech therapist, patholinguist

Sabine Berndsen is the director of the ISST Unna, Center for Rehabilitation/Speech Therapy. She studied speech rehabilitation and patholinguistics at the universities in Dortmund and Cologne. After her studies, she worked at various clinics in the USA and studied with Dr. R. Castillo Morales in Cordoba/Argentina and Prof. D. Garliner in Florida and was involved in various research projects on the treatment of orofacial dyskinesia in the context of orthodontic and speech therapy/logopedic treatment.
In Germany, the speaker worked in a managerial position for several years at various clinical rehabilitation facilities, an ENT practice and a speech therapy facility. In 1985, she founded the speech therapy practice and the rehabilitation center ISST-Unna, which has been under her management ever since. Together with her husband, she developed a new functional treatment concept at the time, FACEFORMER therapy, which is now used worldwide. She has taught and carried out clinical work at various universities. She is involved in numerous publications and holds medical technology patents.

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Exclusive entry in the practitioner directory

By completing further training as a FaceFormer therapist and being listed in our exclusive practitioner directory, you increase your visibility and qualifications. This will enable you to gain new patients and treat them with efficient, causal therapy.

The following specialists have already taken part in the training: dentists, orthodontists, ENT doctors, orthopedists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, osteopaths, alternative practitioners, therapeutic therapists, pediatricians, sports trainers, personal trainers, coaches, posturologists, respiratory therapists and CMD therapists.
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