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FaceFormer® ONE clear

FaceFormer® ONE clear

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The FaceFormer® therapy:

The FaceFormer, a class 1 medical device, is made of medical Elastosil and is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. The associated therapy aims to correct faulty functional processes that can influence various symptoms. FaceFormer therapy has been a recognized functional treatment method for two decades, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by several scientific studies. The main goal of this therapy is the correction of basic functions in order to ensure a comprehensive treatment of the causes.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 FaceFormer in blue or crystal clear
  • 1 hygienically ventilated storage box, color of your choice
  • 1 exercise calendar
  • 1 detailed exercise guide

Use the effective FaceFormer® training for the following disorders/illnesses:

Simple exercises - great effect

Use the free FaceFormer® training app

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