FaceFormer® ZERO & ONE Therapie-Set für Erwachsene

Empfohlener Anwendungsplan:

  1. Woche 1-8: Beginnen Sie mit dem FaceFormer ZERO für das tagsüber durchgeführte Training.
  2. Ab Woche 2: Fügen Sie die Verwendung des FaceFormer ZERO während der Nacht hinzu.
  3. Nach Woche 8: Wechseln Sie zum FaceFormer ONE für das tagsüber durchgeführte Training, um den Muskeltonus weiter zu stärken. Nutzen die den FaceFormer ZERO weiterhin für die Nacht
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FaceFormer® ZERO + ONE

FaceFormer® ZERO + ONE

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FaceFormer® ZERO & ONE therapy set for adults


This therapy set includes the FaceFormer ZERO and FaceFormer ONE models. Both are class 1 medical devices made from medical grade Elastosil® and are BPA-free and volatile-free. They are specially designed to train the muscles around the lips and promote physiologically correct movement patterns.

Differences between the models:

  • FaceFormer® ZERO :

    • Material : Softer medical Elastosil®, ideal for entry.
    • Use : Recommended for the first 6-8 weeks to use during the day; from the 2nd week also at night.
    • Night use : The softer material makes it particularly suitable for night use and minimizes irritation.
  • FaceFormer® ONE :

    • Material : Stronger medical grade Elastosil®.
    • Application : After the first 6-8 weeks you should switch to this model for daytime training.
    • Objective : The higher resistance serves to intensify the training and promotes the muscle tone required for the lip closure.

Recommended application plan:

  1. Week 1-8 : Start using the FaceFormer ZERO for daytime training.
  2. From week 2 : Add use of the FaceFormer ZERO during the night.
  3. After week 8 : Switch to the FaceFormer ONE for daytime training to further increase muscle tone.

The therapy:

The FaceFormer, a class 1 medical device, is made of medical Elastosil® and is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. The associated therapy aims to correct faulty functional processes that can influence various symptoms. FaceFormer therapy has been a recognized functional treatment method for two decades, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by several scientific studies. The main goal of this therapy is the correction of basic functions in order to ensure a comprehensive treatment of the causes.

Application areas:

The patented FaceFormer not only helps with snoring, sleep apnea and CMD, but also activates muscles, functions and cranial nerve activities in the head, face, mouth and throat region. It is a training device specially developed for FaceFormer therapy. FaceFormer therapy has a wide range of applications.

Trained and certified doctors and therapists are available to accompany the therapy.

Free training app

Use the free FaceFormer training app!
The app guides you through the training and helps you to do the training correctly.
Document your personal training success and chat with our team of experts if you have any questions about the training.

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