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Sie sind Arzt, Therapeut oder Coach?
Dann erweitern Sie Ihr Behandlungsrepertoire um eine unverzichtbare kausale Therapie- und Trainingsmethode, die auf völlig neuen Prinzipien der Neurowissenschaften beruht. Erweitern Sie Ihr Wissen über die Bedeutung der Basisfunktionen Schlucken, Atmen und Körperstatik für einen gesunden Körper. Lernen Sie einen interdisziplinären, professionellen diagnostischen Ansatz kennen. Vor allem aber, wie Sie diese Basisfunktionen in der Praxis bei Ihren Patienten und Klienten mit der bewährten und sich rasch verbreitenden FaceFormer-Therapie korrigieren können.

FaceFormer® Therapiemethode

FaceFormer therapy method

Symptom therapy alleviates signs of illness

symptom treatments are widespread in medicine today, whereby the connections to the causes of health problems are often not seen. However, symptoms are merely effects of a causal problem. Not infrequently, it is the symptomatic treatments that create more problems than previously existed because of them there is no reference whatsoever to the causes of the disease.

Causal therapy fights the trigger

The root cause treatment is the opposite of treating symptoms. She aims at the actual triggers of a disorder. Once the causes are eliminated, the symptoms also disappear. That's why treating the cause alone is the silver bullet when it comes to treating illnesses. Symptom treatments are comparatively subordinate emergency solutions.

Ursache - Wirkung - Symptom

No symptom is without a cause.

Typical examples of symptom treatments

TMD and bruxism

CMD is a fad diagnosis that often goes with Teeth grinding begins, but often only develops into a tangible pain problem after treatment with bite splints and grinding the teeth. It is not the splints (crutches) that adapt to the organ, but the organ system to the crutch. This unnatural influence leads to "crutch-related maladjustments" and even worsening with long-term use.

snoring and sleep apnea

Sleep laboratories are springing up like mushrooms to detect symptoms such as snoring and breathing stops and to reduce their severity with machines or dangerous and usually unsuccessful surgeries. The causes of breathing pauses remain with therapies with technical aids for a lifetime. The use of the "crutches" can only temporarily reduce the symptoms. Without this help, the symptoms come back immediately or even become more severe.

Misalignment of the jaw and teeth

Crooked teeth and jaw deformities are corrected in childhood or adolescence with brackets and wires, only to become crooked again after the treatment is complete and even lead to changes in muscle functions that can cause major problems a few years later.

hearing impairment

Tinnitus and dizziness , which - purely experimentally - are counteracted with infusions or tablets, tone generators and autogenic training, nevertheless remain or are finally healed by time alone.


specialization in medicine

The level of specialization in medicine hardly makes it possible to recognize the apparently very different connections that are under the observation of other medical disciplines: the orthopedist does not look at crooked teeth or a slack soft palate; the ENT doctor no body statics and the pulmonologist no ear problems. He treats abnormalities that the doctor finds with his own expertise. Accompanying signs, which would make the so important causal relationships (causes) clear, remain unnoticed.

FaceFormer® therapy follows a special approach

The FaceFormer therapy method corrects the disturbances of dominant basic functions such as breathing and swallowing . As a cause therapy, it eliminates the symptoms of health problems at the root. The aim of the FaceFormer therapy is to correct the actual triggers of disorders with a lasting effect through a special exercise program. It is systematically directed against those malfunctions that cause individual signs of illness (symptoms) in the first place.

Ursache - Wirkung - Symptom

FaceFormer Therapy addresses itself against the causes numerous symptoms of the disease.

Features of FaceFormer® Exercise Therapy

  • Treatment method aims at the causes

    As Causal therapy works the FaceFormer method the causes numerous health disorders against .

  • Correction of elementary basic functions

    The FaceFormer training therapy aims at the sustained correction the vital Basic body functions if breathing and swallowing are out of step.

  • Development of natural postures and patterns

    repeated exercises with the FaceFormer help to reinvent the original biological pattern of movement and posture .

  • Stimulating essential brain functions

    Exercising regularly with the FaceFormer stimulates cranial nerve functions and stimulates the Formation of brain messengers at.

  • Scientifically based

    The treatment approach the FaceFormer exercise therapy has a broad basis neuroscientific knowledge from the modern Brain Research and Learning Psychology .

Malfunctions cause disturbances for life

Symptoms as a result of functional disorders are of a different nature and severity for each person affected. Complaints that are taken seriously by patients for the first time, e.g Tinnitus, dizziness, jaw joint pain or Breathing pauses are usually triggered by the "weakest link in a functional chain".

Long before that, usually in early childhood, the effects of the malfunctions had already presented themselves as disorders: the development of tooth and jaw misalignments, frequent middle ear infections, colds and nasal polyps in children are some striking examples of this. In later life, ear or hearing problems (sensitivity to noise, sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, gaping tubes), dizziness, neck tension, pain, snoring, sleep apnea and other health problems are caused by disorders that are only very rarely considered.

On closer questioning and examination, however, one finds that the patients had to deal with such problems again and again in different phases of life. However, the connection to their acute problems was never considered.

The information poster "Functional space mouth" on Cranio-Cervical Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS) is available together with other materials in the dr Berndsen store available.

Breathing and swallowing - essential functional systems in focus

FaceFormer therapy focuses on the two most vital functional systems: breathing and swallowing. Disorders of these functions cause numerous diseases that manifest themselves in different symptoms. The FaceFormer therapy corrects and stabilizes the system biologically and eliminates the syndrome.

Breathing and swallowing, of course we do both all the time, otherwise we wouldn't be alive anymore. It is therefore difficult to understand why these self-evident functions, which run automatically from birth, can be so disturbed that they often cause deviations and health problems in early childhood and then again and again in life. The explanation for this is that incorrect movements and postures can either be innate or acquired through external, mostly early childhood influences. Malfunctions develop with which the organ system can only achieve its functional goal (swallowing, breathing) via compensatory adjustments (evasive movements). Through the constantly repeating identical sequence of posture and movement patterns, these are learned and stored in the human movement memory. It does not matter whether something is offered to memory wrongly or correctly. While biological functions do not cause disturbances, learned incorrect movements and malfunctions sooner or later have a negative impact on the complex functional system and cause individually varying, negative reactions in different segments.

A conversion to correct functional processes is not possible without a targeted exercise treatment - FaceFormer therapy.

A simple example

We will use a simple example to illustrate the connections: Everyone is aware that snoring and pauses in breathing are events that occur in connection with breathing. Breathing is our most important survival function and can be done through the mouth as well as through the nose. Both airways can successfully supply our lungs and our entire body with the vital breathing gas (oxygen, nitrogen, noble gases).

Mouth breathing is a poor alternative, however. On the one hand, it causes the affected person to snore at night or stop breathing for several seconds, and on the other hand it is also the cause of numerous other health attacks and even degenerative, life-threatening diseases (see article on mouth breathing). It is therefore plausible and consistent to wean the cause of mouth breathing instead of spontaneously providing those affected with breathing masks. However, this is easier said than done: the good intention to breathe through your nose is not enough to replace a long-standing unconscious habit with a new automated behavior.

There is no alternative to a cause-oriented exercise program

Any behavioral and movement learning requires sufficient practice. At the heart of the FaceFormer method is a program of simple exercises that has been tried and tested over decades and is carried out regularly using the FaceFormer as a training device. There are no similarly effective alternatives.

First of all, the air permeability of the nose is optimised, an important prerequisite for nasal breathing to function and become habitual. In addition, other important functions such as tongue posture, tongue movement when swallowing and head balance. They are also part of the FaceFormer training program. The exercise program can only be completed when the mouth remains closed at night and nasal breathing is carried out safely day and night. The cause of the breathing disorder has been eliminated, and the user will not need any aids in future to keep the condition stable.

Like other abnormalities, snoring and sleep apnea are merely symptoms of an underlying disorder. If this is corrected, not only does the healthy, calm breathing function set in, but other symptoms also recede at the same time.

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