FaceFormer® ZERO

When and for whom is the FaceFormer® ZERO suitable?

  • For beginners (teenagers and adults) in regular FaceFormer training (1st to 8th week)
  • For children aged 2-10 years during the entire therapy period
  • For nighttime use while sleeping
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FaceFormer® ZERO

FaceFormer® ZERO

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The new FaceFormer® ZERO

Due to popular user demand, the FaceFormer family has grown. In addition to the well-known FaceFormer ONE in blue or crystal clear, the FaceFormer ZERO is now available.

What is different?

The FaceFormer ZERO has a lower material hardness than the previous models. The size and shape have been retained. This means that the exercises during FaceFormer training can be carried out with less effort. In addition, the softer membrane less pressure on the gums In rare cases, initial irritations can be avoided even better.

Ideal introduction to training

To make it easier to start regular training, beginners start the exercises with the FaceFormer ZERO until the lip pressure exercises can be carried out to their full extent without major difficulties. As training progresses, after eight weeks the stronger standard version (FaceFormer ONE, blue or crystal clear) is used to ensure the therapy is successful.

Nighttime application

The even more supple material also significantly improves comfort when used while sleeping. That's why we recommend using the FaceFormer ZERO at night for the entire duration of the therapy.

When and for whom is the FaceFormer® Zero suitable?

  • For beginners in regular FaceFormer training (1st to 8th week)
  • For children up to and including 10 years of age during the entire therapy period
  • For nighttime use while sleeping
  • For cosmetic use
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scope of delivery

  • 1 FaceFormer in yellow
  • 1 hygienically ventilated storage box, color of your choice
  • 1 exercise calendar
  • 1 detailed exercise guide

The FaceFormer® :

The FaceFormer, a Class 1 medical device, is made of medical Elastosil and is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. The therapy aims to correct faulty functional processes that can affect various symptoms. For two decades, FaceFormer therapy has been a recognized functional treatment method, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by several scientific studies. The main goal of this therapy is to correct basic functions in order to ensure comprehensive treatment of the causes.
FaceFormer therapy trains swallowing function, head posture and nasal breathing in a natural, coordinated movement pattern.

Use the effective FaceFormer® training for the following disorders/illnesses:

Snoring, sleep apnea and breathing pauses

Muscle weakness and paralysis of the mouth or face region

Breaking the habit of mouth breathing and getting used to nasal breathing

Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)

Pressure equalization problems in the middle ear

Sudden hearing loss, tinnitus and Meniere’s disease (vertigo attacks)

Head, face and neck pain

Swallowing disorders (dysphagia)

Disturbed chewing functions

Tongue dysfunction

Disorders of cranial nerve functions

Simple exercises - big impact

The free training app

The training app accompanies the therapy process and guides you through the exercises. The app can be used to document and guide the FaceFormer therapy. The app is available free of charge in the App and Play Store. Alternatively, there are exercise videos on YouTube and a training DVD that can be purchased in the shop.

Information about the app