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The monkey learns the genitive

The monkey learns the genitive

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The Author - Dr. Klaus Berndsen - has been researching and publishing on neurolinguistics and rehabilitation for many years. His special interest was and still is in brain research in connection with the development and disorders of human speech. He developed new medical treatment methods and patented medical technology aids. In addition, he treats people with various diseases and disabilities, especially those with language and speech impairments.


Human language is the most important evolutionary leap from great ape to human. The book discusses selected content on "human history" and language development. Information from scientific sources was taken into account as up-to-date as possible and edited in such a way that it is understandable for the reader interested in human history and language. The thematic explanations are supplemented by colored illustrations of works of art. While the text provides the reader with an interpretation of the content of the main theme of the book, the works of art open up a space in which the same theme can be individually interpreted.


introduction to the topic; Light will fall on the origin of mankind and its history; Bona fide - In good faith; Where the cradle of man stood; humans and apes; humans, chimpanzees and apes; Earliest Ancestors; paleontology and paleoanthropology; Determining the age of fossil finds; methods for determining age; molecular clock; The Mitochondrial Eve; The Adam of the Y chromosome; How Reliable Can Molecular Genetics Be?; classification of fossil finds; systematics of selected human finds; evolution of language; testimony scripture; Language did not fall from the sky; So spoke the Neanderthal; FOXP2 - The language gene; The language in the brain; speech without an organ; language in millions of years and epigenetics; stage model for the evolution of language; Has a big brain advantages; How language is learned; Four competing theories of language acquisition; Woof-woof, bang-bang, ha-ha - which came first

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