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FaceFormer® ZERO advantage package V

FaceFormer® ZERO advantage package V

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Save 20% with the FaceFormer Zero value package V. Get 5 FaceFormer without training DVD for the single price of 4. So you get 1 FaceFormer for free. Whether dentist, orthodontist, speech therapist or physiotherapist, the FaceFormer has been used successfully everywhere for many years. In order to meet the demand, we have created these special savings offers for professional use.

Scope of delivery:

5 FaceFormer ZERO, each pack contains:

  • 5 FaceFormer Zero
  • 5 hygienically ventilated storage box, color of your choice
  • 5 detailed exercise instructions
  • 5 exercise calendar

The FaceFormer® is a training device specially developed for FaceFormer therapy and can be used for the following areas of application:

Face Former Training:

Simple exercises lead to lasting success. The therapy can bring about positive changes after just a few days or weeks. In order to stabilize success, however, the applications must be carried out over a longer period of around six months in accordance with the specifications. Only when physiological movement patterns, postures and muscle tension have become automated is the goal achieved and the therapy complete.

The Face Former exercise calendar accompanies the Face Former therapy and is extremely useful for logging the training sections that have already been carried out and helpful for maintaining motivation.

Learn more about Face Former Therapy .

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