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GUM® Hydral Moisturizing Spray

GUM® Hydral Moisturizing Spray

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  • Moisturizes dry mouth for more comfort
  • Protects the mouth from irritation by forming a protective layer over the dry oral mucosa
  • Instantly relieves the symptoms of dry mouth
  • Supports the healing of oral soft tissue
  • Without alcohol
  • Moisturising ingredients
  • Low allergy potential due to mild peppermint taste
  • For adults and children aged 7 and over

    GUM HYDRAL products are free from the following allergens: cinnamal and salicylic aldehyde. The products contain a very low concentration of eugenol and geraniol.
    GUM HYDRAL products do not contain any material of animal origin or gluten
    • PVP: mucoadhesive agent, mainly responsible for the formation of a protective barrier over the oral mucosa.
    • Sodium hyaluronate: thanks to its high viscosity, it provides mechanical protection for the oral soft tissues and cell layers. It also causes water retention (hydration).
    • Propanediol: a well-known humectant with moisturizing properties.
    • Betaine: forms a water film that protects oral cells.

    Taurine: has an antioxidant effect, which stabilizes the cell membranes and thus protects the cells.

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