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LOOP Cup - The drinking cup

LOOP Cup - The drinking cup

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The LoopCup is an innovative special cup that paves the way for correct drinking and supports it. Developed from practical experience, it helps to reduce drinking disorders and stimulate the process of learning to drink. In small children, the LoopCup ensures the development of important, correct movement patterns when drinking right from the start. Young people and adults benefit from the fact that the LoopCup supports the maintenance of harmonious functions. In the case of health impairments and in rehabilitation, the LoopCup is an ideal way of drinking and an important building block for learning, maintaining or regaining correct eating, drinking and swallowing functions.

The outstanding features of the LoopCup include:

  • Drinking rim with loop (loop) prevents slipping off the mouth
  • Edge fixation behind the lips
  • Tongue advance - under the cup rim - is prevented
  • No leakage of liquid from the mouth
  • Stimulation of lip activity
  • Edge recess for the nose - diametrically to the drinking side
  • Allows fluid intake with head held upright
  • The head position is the swallowing position
  • The liquid level in the oral cavity is maintained
  • Handling for right-, left- and ambidextrous
  • Large handle diameters enable multi-finger interventions
  • Visible liquid level thanks to transparent material
  • Graduation up to 150 ml
  • Lid lock, cover protection and transport aid
  • High level of security against tipping thanks to the flared edge
  • Concave inner bottom
  • Elegant design for all users

The LoopCup is more than just a cup - it's a practical and effective tool for improving drinking skills.

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