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My Facy Success Book

My Facy Success Book

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The success of the FaceFormer therapy stands and falls with the training. Consistent execution of the exercises is important for success. However, especially with children, the lack of motivation often stands in the way. So we created the My Facy Success Book to help keep them motivated. In the Success Book, rewards are contractually agreed between the child, parents and therapist. A goal and a special final reward after reaching the goal are recorded. In addition, smaller sub-rewards can be set for each week and each month. For each workout per day, the child will receive a My Facy stamp in the Achievement Book. When the week or month is stamped, the child receives their reward. The rewards should be based on the child's preferences so that they can be effective. You can find some suggestions for rewards in our newsletter Easier and still train properly .

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My Facy success book, 12 x 12 cm

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