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My Facy Success Book Set

My Facy Success Book Set

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The "My Facy Success Book" set is specially designed for parents to offer their children a motivating and encouraging way to undertake and maintain FaceFormer Therapy. We know that the consistent implementation of the exercises is crucial for the success of the therapy. But especially with children, the lack of motivation can pose a challenge. To counteract this problem, we have developed the My Facy Success Book.

The Success Book serves as an interactive tool where the child, parent, and therapist can work together to set rewards that the child will receive for meeting their exercise goals. A specific goal is set and a special final reward after reaching the goal. In addition, smaller interim rewards can be agreed for each week and each month.

For each daily workout, the child will receive a My Facy stamp in the Achievement Book. When the week or month is stamped, the child receives their reward. Rewards should be based on the child's preferences to ensure effective motivation.

The set contains:

  • My Facy Success Book (12 x 12 cm)
  • My Facy wooden stamp round (Ø 25 mm)
  • My Facy ink pad (green)

With the My Facy Success Book, training becomes an exciting challenge that makes progress visible. It is an ideal tool to support and motivate children on their way to successful FaceFormer therapy.

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