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TMX-Original Plus

TMX-Original Plus

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Product information "TMX® Trigger Original Plus"

The TMX® Triggers are distinguished in the TMX® ORIGINAL and the TMX® ORIGINAL PLUS . The difference is in the height of the trigger and the diameter of the head. Basically it is suitable TMX® ORIGINAL (6 cm high) primarily for large muscle groups . The TMX® ORIGINAL PLUS (7 cm high) is for small muscle groups for use.  The TMX® triggers have been developed on the basis of years of experience and science. The importance of a pain-free body usually only occurs to us when the pain is there.

Pain can result from thickened trigger points throughout the body. Thickened trigger points are caused, among other things, by incorrect loading, constant sitting in the office, hard training, or glued fascia.

Self-treatment with the TMX® Trigger can prevent and release trigger points . By means of long-lasting and deep acupressure, the TMX® triggers counteract muscular tension and blockages.

The original with an effective effect:

  • Help by blockages and Tensions which in Pains result
  • Certified as a medical product
  • Physiologically tested
  • Eco friendly and chemical free
  • Production in Germany in the Lebenshilfe
  • With innovative gel sticky pad
  • Digital exercise area thanks to the integrated NFC chip for web app (no download necessary)
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