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Exercise counter for FaceFormer training

Exercise counter for FaceFormer training

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This handy counter is the ideal companion for keeping track of the exercises to be completed during Face Former training. The robust counter has a stable chrome-plated metal housing. Its mechanical counter is designed for counting processes between 0 and 9999. A short press on the clicker increases the count. The counter is reset to zero with the help of the rotary wheel on the side. A shoulder strap can be attached to the foldable eyelet on the top.

With a weight of just 50 g and small dimensions (approx. 40 mm x 46 mm x 50 mm), the counter fits in any handbag or trouser pocket and can easily be taken anywhere. Of course, the hand counter is also suitable for other counting processes of any kind, for sporting activities as well as for counting people at events or for product recording during inventory.

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